Powertrain Warranty Coverage

30 Day-1,000 miles

After 30 days we pay 50% of the repair as long as the car is contracted with The Driving Factor Auto Sales.

All vehicles that are financed from The Driving Factor Auto Sales have a power train warranty.  This is a warranty that covers certain parts of your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and drive train assembly.  The warranty coverage is listed below :

  • Engine: All internally lubricated parts including:  pistons, piston rings, wrist pins and bushings, connecting rods and rod bearings, crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft, cam chains, cam bearings and cam cover, timing chain or belt, gears, tensioner and guide, rocker arms, valves, hydraulic valve lifters, oil pump, fly wheel, flex plate, cylinder heads, and engine block.
  • Transmission:
    • Automatic transmission:  all internally lubricated parts including :  bands pump, pump housing, carrier assembly, planetary gears, internal linkage, valve body, servo assemblies, and vacuum modulator.
    • Manual transmission :  all internally lubricated parts including :  main shaft, center shaft, all gears, and input shaft. WE DO NOT COVER NON-LUBRICATED CLUTCH PARTS.
  • Drive Axle:  all internally lubricated parts, including :  bearings, gears, limited slip positraction rear and front axle assemblies.  Plus the following parts:  axle shafts, axle bearings, constant velocity joints and boots.

Warranty exclusions:  cooling system, electrical and charging system, fuel system.  Normal maintenance parts such as:  belts, brakes, and idler pulley.  Mechanical breakdown caused by negligence of maintenance (keeping fluid levels checked and changed) and or abuse are not covered repairs.

At any time your vehicle needs to be serviced please make other transportation arrangements.  The Driving Factor Auto Sales does not offer any type of loaner vehicles.